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Some reviews from recent hirers:

"We had a great time, thank you. Many of the guests commented on how lovely the venue was! It would definitely be somewhere we would use again. " Nicola Nunn April 2022

"Everything went very well and the hall was great! Thanks so much! I can’t fault the place to be honest! The cooker was a god send! The hatch in the kitchen was very handy for the constant requests of squash from children! " Eloise Bailey April 2022

"The party went great! The venue was ideal!!As well as the space (including the kitchen) the number of pinboards was really helpful to put up a few decs." Anon April 2022

The party went well, thank you! The hall was great, I actually couldn’t believe what an amazing oven was in the kitchen (not that we used it!).” Anon April 2022

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